Valentine’s Day - the holiday of love, is rapidly approaching. As a matter of fact, people all over the world spend a lot on this special day to send gifts to their loved ones. Apart from traditional presents such as a box of chocolates or flowers, people these days also splurge on a wide range of products for this romantic day, from fashion items to even pets!

For the reasons above, there is no denying that Valentine’s Day presents a big opportunity for retailers to increase their revenue. It would definitely be a mistake if you don’t have a few brilliant Valentine’s Day marketing ideas in hand to take advantage of this potential occasion.

In order to help you make the most of this season, we put together 7 top-notch marketing tactics that will boost your Invotide online stores’ sales this Valentine’s Day. Unlike many other tips which are too generic, these 7 ideas are proven to be effective and easy to execute.

Let’s check it out:

Make your store a merry place to shop!

1. Facilitate the gift giving with holiday free gift wrapping

Unlike other holiday occasions like Christmas or Black Friday, which are more likely to encourage personal purchases, Valentine’s Day is a high-yielding time for gift giving. Shoppers usually browse through various websites to find the perfect gift for their loved ones, friends, and family. Why not allow your shoppers to send the products directly to their loved-ones by offering gift wrapping option as part of your store order process. By doing this, you make the shopping experience easier for the gift senders, so they are able to send the gift to their friends in a couple of clicks.

Invotide Gift Wrap module is an eCommerce marketing module that lets you setup gift wrapping option for your online store. Once you setup module, your customers will be able to gift wrap their order on the shopping cart and checkout page. Click the link below to learn more on how to setup gift wrap module.

Gift Wrapping

2. Create a romantic look for your storefront

This is probably one of the most important thing store owners would think of during preparation for holiday sales: decorating the store to make it have the look and feel of this romantic day. Showing people the spirit of Valentine’s Day on your store will enhance customer buying experience and stimulate them to buy more, especially when your online store design layout is eye-catching.

We don’t recommend creating a totally new site theme just for the Valentine occasion as It would be time-consuming and may be troublesome for some users, especially when it is only temporary for a couple of days.

Our suggestions for your store’s decoration:

Welcome coupon pop-up: design a romantic welcome popup box that will appear when a customer first enters your store to catch their attention, impress them with a catchy Valentine image and an enchanting discount offer message.

Better Coupon Box app - Valentine’s Day marketing ideas

Suggested Tool for decoration is to adjust the store newsletter popup theme module in your Invotide store admin panel.

Banner on homepage slider: If your homepage has a slider, make a Valentine banner and add it to the slider. It is also a good position to promote any discount offers, contest or giveaway for Valentine’s Day as well, because most of your store new visitors will check your website home page banner to see if there’s anything trendy on the store. You can utilize Canva, which is a simple design tool for everyone with thousands of free holiday templates to create a banner for your online store. Click the link below to watch a video guide on how to add slideshow banners to your online store.

Call-To-Action (CTA): If you don’t have much available space to decorate on your website, placing a message and CTA copies to header section of your store home page can also do the trick when put in the right place. The meaningful or funny messages will make customer happy and keep your brand in their mind. For example, instead of the normal text “We offer X% discount on every order”, change it to, for example, “Please take our petite gifts and let us be your Valentine :* ”.

3. Create daily deals and time-sensitive offers

Creating sense of urgency can significantly enhance sales conversion rate by up to 25 percent. That is because many of the problems that affect conversions are issues of cognitive friction: people think too hard, wait too long, or simply don’t respond to your call-to-action messages. Raising the urgency level cuts through a lot of this delay to create a significant improvement to your conversion rates. This is why when shoppers visit your online store, it is recommended that you generate urgency to prompt them to make purchases immediately.

How do you create that sense of urgency? Offer a special Valentine promotion with a countdown timer. Online shoppers are usually urged to make an instant purchase if they have a limited time to qualify for a sale or a special offer. This is why flash sales and time-limited promotions can be extremely helpful during this occasion.

boost-sales-in-holiday-season-Valentine’s Day marketing ideas

You can easily build flash sales and time-pressured deals using the Abandoned cart module or Successful Order Page module available in your Invotide store admin panel to drive shoppers to complete their Valentine purchases before time runs out. Successful Order Page module is highly customizable so you can decorate  a festive mood for your storefront order confirmation page using Valentine icons.

Click the link below to learn more on how to setup Successful Order Page module

Click the link below to learn more about Abandoned cart module



4. Offer anonymous gift delivery

Everyone wants to make their loved ones surprised on Valentine’s Day. Thus, offering your customers an anonymous gift delivery service showcases how thoughtfully you treat your customers. Imagine if a person wanting to confess his love to someone but doesn’t have enough courage to give her the gift personally, this Valentine’s Day marketing idea would truly be a ‘lifesaver’, thereby improving your customer engagement.

Promote your holiday deals, offers or campaigns

5. Re-engage with your past holiday shoppers

According to a recent research by Bain & Company consulting group, selling more to current customers is 67% easier than acquiring new ones. Therefore, it would be relatively cost-efficient to retarget your marketing effort to customers who made purchases with you during previous holiday season, sending them a thank-you email and informing them of your collections or promotion this Valentine’s Day.

Re-engage by email marketing: For sure, email marketing cannot stay out of the list of must-have Valentine marketing channels you should concentrate on. A lot of well-known brands like Amazon, Uniqlo and Sephora send numerous newsletters notifying their customers of their holiday promotions.

You can send email newsletters and promotions to your customers through your store admin panel using the mail module.

Mail Menu

Tips to optimize your email automation strategy this Valentine’s Day:

  • When promotion starts: send a captivating email to introduce your promotion, with a discount coupon code to apply and a clear Call-To-Action (CTA) that redirects to your store so customers can start shopping right away
  • During promotion: Send product recommendation emails to customers periodically, highlight the discount and the date when your promotion ends
  • To those who abandon carts even when you give them discounts: send abandoned cart recovery emails with an additional bonus (as long as it does not hurt your profit margin) to get them back to complete their order.
  • Before promotion ends: Send a reminder (and try to create a sense of urgency, such as “Last 12 hours to grab 50% OFF all items”) to get customers back. Consider giving additional bonuses/discounts/free shipping if you want to sell out quickly on the last day

Re-engage using Facebook Ads:
Facebook Retargeting Ads is also one of the most effective ways you should explore to connect with your customers on Valentine’s Day.

Facebook ads 2

Facebook allows store owners to upload an email list, as well as the phone number of their customers to retarget ads to them via Facebook Ads. Go to Facebook Ads Manager, create a Custom Audience and upload your user list.

Facebook Ads

Besides, you don’t need a crazy budget either, because this custom audience will likely be small, so retargeting ads generally perform well with a small budget of $5-$10 a day.

6. Let every customer be your brand ambassador

Another Valentine’s Day marketing idea you should consider to build a strong brand for your business is using User-Generated Content (UGC). One example of UGC is “Share the Coke” campaign in 2011, Coca Cola encouraged their customers to share pictures of themselves enjoying the drink on social media. Getting customers to join actively in building up your content will not only arouse their love and trust towards your brand (because they feel themselves as been a part of it) but also spread your brand to a much wider pool of potential customers.

In regard to using UGC on the Valentine’s Day, Travelex encouraged couples around the world to send their most romantic travel photos with the hashtag #TravelexKiss. By allowing people to upload on Twitter, Facebook, or directly through their website, Travelex leveraged all their major outlets to raise brand awareness towards thousands of people with a tiny marketing budget.

Travelex Valentine’s Day marketing ideas

For this Valentine’s Day, consider these UGC marketing ideas:

  • Host a Valentine photo contest on your Facebook page
  • Host a Valentine video contest on your Facebook page or Youtube channel
  • For Social media content generation: Give away a favorite product your customers like, if they write a caption about their idea of how to turn that product into a Valentine gift, share it on Facebook or Instagram and get at least 50 likes from their friends or followers. Make sure it can be viewed and shared on your social media page easily to make it go viral so that you can drive traffic from social media platforms.

7. Google Adwords Ads

People love Google Adwords advertising for the simple fact that it can lead to massive sales in a short period of time. Unlike other traditional digital strategies – like social media and SEO that typically take time to pay off – Google Adwords can get almost instant results as long as you do it right.

Furthermore, this method of advertising usually brings an impressive cost per conversion back, because you only have to pay once people, who are already interested in a specific product like yours, click on your ads and enter your website.

According to Google Keywords Planner, gift keyword searches rises towards Valentine day, with hundred thousands of search terms every year.

Google Keyword Planner

It would definitely be a good idea for shop retailers to allocate marketing budget towards growing traffic from Google Adwords channel on this Valentine’s holiday as a number of other stores are doing right now.

valentine adwords


There are tons of Valentine’s Day marketing ideas out there to boost your sales campaign this special occasion, but not all of them are practical, easy to implement and cost-efficient. We hope these ideas, with detailed instructions and suggested tools, will be of great use to you this special occasion.

If you're yet to setup an online store for your business, now will be a good time to do it. Click on the link below to get started.

As always, we would love to get your feedback, feel free to contact us by sending email to or submit a support ticket.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Wednesday, February 3, 2021

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